Attentive readers might already have noticed it :) A small part of the Dreamworlds team is currently trying to build a little indie game development studio. The studio's first project will be Splatter, which hopefully sees the light of reality in mid 2012 for Windows/PC download platforms.

But don't worry! The Shard Worlds aren't forgotten! Quite the contrary: if all goes nicely our combined forces of full-time development power will soon arise to complete it. Much to my regret it's just too large to start a small bussiness with it. Most of the Dreamworlds team still carries on with development in its spare time.


There was a long time of silence at the Shard Worlds, but not for a lack of things worth telling! Development is still marching on, nowadays especially at the graphical side of the game. You can observe the new state at a few new pictures at the Gallery!
Our hero of graphics and level design, Andre, also produces a video which shows even more scenes from the current state of development. Follow the link and tell us what you think!


Slowly but steadily the shard worlds grow. We have made quite some progress in the last months, both at the path to playability and at the graphics side. You can find pictures of this progress in the gallery. We hope you like them.


Since today you can find new pictures from the shard worlds. We hope you enjoy looking at them.


We created a small playable demo aimed at finding potential new contributors to our cause. Unfortunately, it's all german. But there are also a short Video and a couple of new screenshots which might be of interest to you.


New pictures have arrived! There are five new screenshots to be found at the Gallery page which mainly show the graphical advances we made in the last few months. The Concept Art section was also updated and contains prerenders of several of these graphics now.


Today we have added two new screenshots out of Splitterwelten at the gallery.


After a long time of silence our homepage has been completely remade. Furthermore some early information about our current project Splitterwelten is available now.