Splatter, just harder times


The modern urban environment is a cold place in which knowing lots of people has replaced having real friends. Max is one of its inhabitants - alone admidst a grey crowd.
On a murky sunday evening he found himself reading at home when suddenly the world around him decided to take a turn for the apocalypse. Mankind suddenly was the minority, but the struggle for survival forges better bonds than the previous secure life ever could.


Splatter is a top-down mouse/stick shooter at its core. In it, Max is drawn into events of absurd scale while he tries to fend off the world using every weapon he can get his hands on.
Soon, flares turn out to be indispensable tools, too, as their light seems to unexplainably instil fear in the hordes of monsters. Equipped with these tools Max wanders through the city to search for other survivors, a new home and the reason behind all these events.

The Splatter main story tells the tale of this search. In it Max meets not only a wide range of monsters but also other survivors, enters various vehicles, solves side tasks and fights thrilling boss battles for resources to upgrade his weapons.

After finishing the main story there is also a freeplay mode in which Max explores randomly generated surroundings for resources to rebuild a survivor's village. Various arcade and fun modes provide an amusing hunt for standings in worldwide leaderboards.
And various multiplayer modes allow up to 4 players to play with or against eachother at the same computer.

Present State

Splatter will be released in summer 2012 for PC/Windows. It will be available in English and German and will be priced at maybe 10. The graphical effects such as normal mapping or realtime lights and shadows take advantage of current gamer graphics cards, apart from that a 2GHz dual core processor suffices. All counts of mice, keyboards and gamepads / joysticks are supported.