Brief Overview

There was a game on Aminet called BattleXII WB. Written by Heiko Müller it found its way to our hard drive and gave us some hours of fun playing it.
But we soon discovered some design details annoying us. And instead of mailing this to the author we started to write our own version.
We called it: Yet Another Tactical Action Game (YATAG).


The principle is simple: Two players play at a single screen, each having its own base. In this base 5 fighters and 5 bombers are placed. You activate a set of this ships and steer them to the enemy base. Fighters are faster and have short range weapons that can fire unlimited times. In contrast, bombers carry a single explosive warhead that delivers incredible damage over long distances. After launching the warhead they have to return to the base to get new ammo.

The base has a generator - target of most of the attacks. If it is destroyed the whole base is blown up and with it most of the ships that get caught in this explosion. Bombers can't get new ammunition anymore then and landed ships won't be repaired anymore. The base is defended by a stationary laser turret firing automatically.

The task of each player is to destroy every enemy ship. Of course it's much easier if the enemy base is down. Bombers can destroy the base quickly and fighters try their best to prevent this. In the end each round is very short and very explosive and the "Come on, once again" effect is enormous.


Too bad the graphics are so bad. The graphics library used to display everything was chosen to be RTGMaster which works on only a few systems out there. If you want to give it a try though, download the game at the downloads page.