Splatter, just harder times

Splatter is a top-down mouse/stick shooter at its core. In it, Max is drawn into events of absurd scale while he tries to fend off the world using every weapon he can get his hands on. Soon, flares turn out to be indispensable tools, too, as their light seems to unexplainably instil fear in the hordes of monsters. Equipped with these tools Max wanders through the city to search for other survivors, a new home and the reason behind all these events.
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We aim to create a singleplayer Role Playing Game in the tradition of the "Gothic" series or the "Elder Scrolls" series. The player assumes the role of a newcomer in a fantasy world broken to pieces and experiences many thrilling adventures and stories. If a fight against one of the manifold opponents can't be avoided by guile or cunning, the player can use meelee, ranged or magic combat to defend his rightful place at the shards.
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Crossfire II

A complex Shoot'em-Up game. Our first commercial game, only for technically better equipped Amigas.
The predecessor was a small freeware game written in AMOS. After more than four years of development Crossfire II was ready to catapult the playability of its predecessor to a new dimension.

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Some years ago we wrote a little game using AMOS where some kind of vehicle drove, slid and jumped across a landscape only consisting of grey lines instead of polygons and textures.
There wasn't a start or a finish and no round course but it was much fun.
So the idea came up to make a better game of it.

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There was a game on Aminet called BattleXII WB. Written by Heiko Müller it found its way to our hard drive and gave us some hours of fun playing it. But we soon discovered some design details annoying us.
And instead of mailing this to the author we started to write our own version. We called it:
Yet Another Tactical Action Game (YATAG).

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Crossfire I

The predecessor to Crossfire II. A matured shoot 'em up game for 2 up to 4 players for ECS/AGA Amigas.
The play principle corresponds to that of the Dogfight mode from Crossfire II.
Two to four spaceships fight against each other within an arena and the player inflicting the most damage to the other players wins.

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